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PPP - About the company

PPP (distribution of Press, Periodicals and Publicity) is an independent company since May 2015 and has firmly established itself as a leading European player in the field of daily newspaper distribution to subscribers.

PPP - The history

  • 1992 - The company PPP is founded by BD (Belgique Diffusion) in order to assume the distribution of daily newspapers on the 19 municipalities of Brussels
  • 2015 - PPP undergoes a Management Buy Out and leaves the BD Group
  • 2016 - The activities of PPP are diversified towards Displays distribution for the whole Belgian territory. Two new cities are also covered for our daily newspapers and magazines distribution (Ghent and Li├Ęge).
  • 2017 - PPP takes over the distribution network of HSS Media in Finland
  • 2018 - PPP expands throughout all Europe by acquiring the Hand Delivery network of Peer Frederiksen
  • 2019
    1. PPP takes over the French company Neopress in Lyon.
    2. In Finland, we have started the distribution in the South-West territories (Hanko, Raseborg)
  • 2023
    1. PPP takes over Urbeez, a company specialized in green urban delivery.
    2. In Finland, we have started the distribution in the South-East territories (Porvoo).
    3. PPP takes over the Sanoma distribution network in Uusimaa region (Finland).
    4. PPP wins the public tender (Belgium) for distribution of newspapers which was finally canceled by the government.






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